Applications of Aluminum Oxide Dermabrasion Powder White Crystals in Skin Care And Treatment

  • Date:Friday, Feb 02, 2024
Applications of Aluminum Oxide Dermabrasion Powder White Crystals in Skin Care And Treatment

There are many benefits, uses, and applications of Aluminium Oxide Dermabrasion Powder White Crystals in skin care and treatment, due to its high purity levels that contain 99.6% aluminum oxide crystal purity levels. They are widely and commonly used in professional microdermabrasion equipment, and can also be used as an addition in creams or cleansers for gentle exfoliation of the skin in various treatments.

Aluminum oxide dermabrasion powder white crystals are safe to use on the skin and do not harm or cause any harsh reactions, and are also an inert material used for skin resurfacing. The fine white crystalline powder has a smaller grit or particle size, which helps create a mild exfoliation effect on the skin, and greatly increases the blood flow, and the lymph circulation, resulting in an even texture and exfoliated skin.

It is important to use the aluminium oxide crystals for dermabrasion with caution when using on skincare and treatment options, as being too harsh on the skin can lead to skin irritation. All in all, the aluminum oxide dry dermal powder white crystal is a safe, effective, and effective way to exfoliate and treat the skin, and when used correctly, it improves skin health and looks. 

Composition And Properties Of Aluminum Oxide Dermabrasion Powder White Crystals In Skin Care And Treatment 

The key composition of the dermabrasion powder white crystals is mainly composed of high-purity (99.6%) white aluminum oxide, which makes them an effective and safe choice for use on the skin, is non-toxic, inert in nature, and does not react with other compositions of the skincare products or harm the skin.

The white crystalline aluminium oxide powder is largely characterized by its fine white appearance, which can be easily added to creams and cleansers in powdered form to create milder exfoliating products for home use in the form of skincare creams, lotions, or treatment options. 

The white aluminum crystals come in various sizes, which are like fine grains of sand, and the 120 grit size, when added to creams can be used for the exfoliation properties, that provide the dermabrasion effect to exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin, revealing the supple, new, and clean layer of the skin. The powder helps with the smoothness of the skin, refines, and re-textures any kind of skin flaws and uneven discolorations.

Due to their absorbent nature, these crystals help to remove excess oils and impurities from your skin, and also gently exfoliate your skin, encouraging cell regeneration and activation, to give you a smoother, even skin tone. Aluminum oxide crystals can be used on all the different skin types, including sensitive skin, as they are non-toxic, and non-allergenic and have no side effects when used on the skin. 

How To Use Aluminum Oxide Dermabrasion Powder In Skin Care Products And Treatment Options? 

Aluminum oxide dermabrasion powder white crystals can be used in a variety of skincare and treatment products, providing a variety of skin benefits. Dermabrasion crystals made of aluminum oxide are the most common type of microdermabrasion used in professional equipment that provides these types of skin treatments. They help to reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging, as well as improve the appearance of acne scarring and other light scars.

These white granules or crystalline powder can be easily incorporated, mixed, and added into creams or cleansers to provide a more gentle exfoliating formula for use, in a safe and non-reactive manner. Generally, the 120-grit granules are ideal for this application as they feel like fine sand grains when incorporated into creams, and do not damage the skin with too much abrasion or exfoliation action.

The crystal’s abrasive properties can help stimulate collagen production naturally in the area, which is a crucial factor in maintaining skin elasticity and firmness, thus helping with clear and tightness in the skin. These crystals are designed to have a specific size of granules, giving them an abrasive finish that exfoliates without causing too much discomfort.

For more in-depth exfoliation as well as targeted treatment of issues such as scars and sun damage, the dermabrasion aluminum oxide powder is used in a controlled quantity and properties for professional micro dermal abrasion procedures that may be used in continuous treatment in various spa and professional skin treatment centers. 

FAQs- Aluminium Oxide Dermabrasion Powder White Crystals


1. What are some of the precautions when using the dermabrasion aluminum oxide powder?

When aluminum oxide dermabrasion powder is used in creams and treatment, you can patch-test the product and also use sun protection products to avoid skin damage after exfoliation, especially if you have sensitive skin or other skin conditions.

2. Can aluminum oxide be safely used on the skin?

Yes, aluminium oxide dermabrasion powder white crystals are non-toxic, and also safe to use on the skin and at home. It can help remove the dead and dull layers of your skin, leaving it smoother, and more even-toned skin all over and making it flawless.

3. Are there any side effects of using aluminum oxide dermabrasion powder?

Generally, the dermabrasion powdered form of aluminium oxide is safe, non-toxic, and does not cause any damage to the skin or the body when used in proper quantities, and in safe forms. Though some cases sensitive people, they may experience coughing or shortness of breath, and should avoid using it on sensitive skin and areas that may be prone to damage like eyes, lips, etc.

4. What use aluminium oxide powder white crystals for microdermabrasion?

When you use aluminum oxide crystals in skin treatments, it removes the top layer of the skin, and exfoliates the skin to reveal the clear, clean, and also boosts collagen production naturally. Thus it is safe to use and can provide numerous benefits. Make sure to buy only from a trusted manufacturer and company to make sure you are buying aluminium oxide dermabrasion powder white crystals