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Column Chromatography

Column chromatography is an adsorbent that works effectively in adsorbing, separating and purifying the organic products and pharmaceutical drugs. This type of adsorbent works on a thin layer of chromatography, where the stationary phase includes the thin layer of silica gel or aluminum oxide on a glass plate.

Column Chromotography

It is used for the large scale of compounds that need to be separated from contaminants or unwanted compounds. They packed the identical materials or components into a vertical glass column. Silica gel is more preferred than the alumina as it is used for both low pressure and high pressure columns and gives optimum results.

This chromatography process is commonly used as a purification technique for separating the required compounds from the mixture. The mixture passed through column either by gravity or by the air pressure. If it is flow down the column by gravity, this process is called as gravity column chromatography and when flows down by the application of positive air pressure, it is called flash chromatography.

They are available in variety of sizes which are used based on the amount of compounds mixture or material required for separation and need to be loaded in the column. You just need to choose the right column for chromatography that best suits the mixture quantity. It is considered as the easy way to use chromatographic separation process.

The success of the separation completely depends on how you use the column properly. Silica gel is ideal for chromatographic separation through columns due to its high adsorption capacity and the compatible with materials excluding strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid. It has the ability to adsorb over 40% of its weight at 10% RH (Relative Humidity). Separate the organic compounds correctly to obtain the desired compound.

Sorbead India deals in manufacturing and supplying high quality and effective column chromatography in the form of silica gel and aluminum oxide powder to the clients across the globe. Our range of adsorbents is useful for pharmaceutical labs, research institutes and organic amalgamation labs. We ensure to provide quality adsorbents that best suit the different requirements of the variety of applications and industries.

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