Silica Gel HF

Silica Gel Powder For TLC

Silica Gel HF, For Thin Layer Chromatography

Related Categories TLC, Flash Chromatography, Silica Gel TLC Adsorbent
with fluorescent indicator without binder
Product Name Silica Gel H TLC
Grade Thin Layer Chromatography (High Purity Grade)
Contains Without Calcium Sulfate, With Fluorescent Indicator
Formula SiO2
Pore Size 0.7-085 cm3/g Pore Volume
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Molecular Weight 60.08
Assay Min 98-99%
Melting Point 1730 Degree Celsius
Physical Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Odor None
pH Value 7 ± 0.5
Bulk Density 0.4-0.60 gm/ml
Binder Content 13% ± 1
Chlorides 0.02%
Loos of Drying <6.00%
Surface Area m2/gm 300-500