Aluminium Oxide Acidic

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide Acidic

Column chromatography continues to evolve, driven by the quest for higher precision and efficiency. Our manufactured Aluminium Oxide Acidic, a key player in this landscape, boasting unique attributes that elevate separation processes. Our Aluminium Oxide Acidic, renowned for its application as a stationary phase in column chromatography, brings a distinctive set of technical specifications that make it a formidable asset in separation science.

Grade Aluminum Oxide Acidic
pH-(5% aqueous Soln.) 4.5 ± 0.5
Specific Surface [m2/g] 150 ± 10%
Brockman Activity I-II
Mean Pore Diameter [A] 60
Pore Volume [ml/g] ~0.25
CI [mval/g] 0.14
Fe2O3[%] 0.01-0.03
Na2O [%] 0.25-0.4
Bulk Density [g/l] ~920

Technical Specifications:

Grade and pH: Classified as Aluminum Oxide Acidic, our variant thrives in an acidic milieu. With a pH of approximately 4.5 in its 5% aqueous solution, it creates an environment conducive to specific chromatographic endeavors.

Specific Surface Area: With a specific surface area of 150 +- 10% m2/g, Our Aluminium Oxide Acidic sets the stage for robust interactions with analytes, optimizing separation outcomes.

Brockman Activity: Its I-II level of Brockman Activity underscores its capacity to accommodate compounds across a spectrum of polarities, ensuring versatility in separation.

Pore Characteristics: Displaying a mean pore diameter of 60 angstroms (A) and a pore volume of approximately 0.25 ml/g, Our Aluminium Oxide Acidic presents ample adsorption capacity.

Chemical Impurities: A CI (cationic exchange capacity) of 0.14 mval/g contributes to its selectivity in separating compounds, adding precision to chromatographic analyses.

Trace Element Content: Trace levels of Fe2O3 ranging from 0.01% to 0.03% and Na2O ranging from 0.25% to 0.4% reflect its compatibility with meticulous separation processes.

Bulk Density: Boasting a bulk density of around 920 g/l, Aluminium Oxide Acidic stands as a stable component within chromatography columns.

Applications in Column Chromatography

Aluminium Oxide Acidic finds its niche in column chromatography through diverse applications:

Acidic Compound Separation: Its acidic nature makes it a prime choice for separating acidic compounds with precision.

Selective Separations: The tailored pore structure and specific surface area enhance selective separations, crucial in complex mixtures.

Organic Acid Purification: It excels in purifying organic acids, harnessing its affinity for acidic moieties.

Advantages of Our Aluminium Oxide Acidic in Column Chromatography

Acidic Environment: The inherently acidic nature of Aluminium Oxide Acidic facilitates the separation of acidic compounds with accuracy.

Selective Adsorption: The specific surface area, coupled with controlled pore characteristics, enables targeted and efficient adsorption.

Controlled Impurity Levels: The calculated CI value ensures minimal interference from chemical impurities, maintaining separation integrity.