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Silica Gel for Column Chromatography

Swambe’s Silica Gel for Column Chromatography is unique and has made its niche in the adsorbent industry.

Silica gel chromatography

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide for Chromatography is a white to off white, fine-grained powder, highly porous form of aluminium oxide

Alumina oxide sorbent

Silica Gel for TLC

Thin-layer chromatography is performed on a sheet or plate (about 0.25mm thick) of glass, aluminum foil or plastic which is coated with a thin layer of solid ADSORBENT material.

Thin layer chromatography

Silica Gel Powder

We offer high- quality products to bring best possible separation outcome. We are fully assured for the quality of silica gel which is used as a chromatography material for the variety of applications such as research laboratories, organic synthesis labs, etc..

silica gel chromatography material


Silica Gel for Column Chromatography is unique and has made its niche in the adsorbent industry. It has made its position for its high quality.

Silica gel column chromatography.

Column Chromatography Adsorbents for Components Separation

Column Chromatography adsorbents silica gel and aluminum oxide are commonly used for the purification and separation of mixed compounds.

Column Chromatography consists of a wide range of physical techniques used to separate and purify the complex mixture of compounds. It is also used for the separation of organic compounds.

Column Chromatography is useful as the separation method for the mixture that contains a small number of components with similar physical and chemical properties. Such components cannot be separated by any other method. Only the Column chromatography technique can be used for such type of components separation.

Silica Gel Aluminium Oxide TLC Plate Silica Gel Powder

Why Choose Our Chromatography Media?

Narrow particles size distribution

A lot to lot consistency

Minimal impurity in the product

Low moisture content

Ultra pure grade

High surface area and density

Tailor-made product

99% guaranteed pure output

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