Aluminium Oxide Basic

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide Basic

Our Aluminium Oxide Basic is a key player in the field of column chromatography, with unique characteristics that enhance it. Our Aluminium oxide Basic is a stationary phase that has been used in column chromatography for many years. It boasts unique technical specifications which make it an indispensable part of separation processes.

Grade Aluminum Oxide Basic
pH-(5% aqueous Soln.) 9.5 ± 0.5
Specific Surface [m2/g] 150 ± 10%
Brockman Activity I-II
Mean Pore Diameter [A] 60
Pore Volume [ml/g] ~0.25
CI [mval/g] Nil
Fe2O3[%] 0.01-0.03
Na2O [%] 0.25-0.4
Bulk Density [g/l] ~920

Aluminium Oxide Basic in Column Chromatography Applications

Aluminium Oxide Basic is a versatile column chromatography agent that can be used in a variety of scenarios.

Separation Alkaloids: Due to their alkaline nature, it is ideal for the separation of alkaloids.

Purification for Organic Bases: The optimized pore structure and surface area of the product enhance purification.

Isolation Quaternary Compounds: Its interaction with quaternary compounds allows for their selective separation.

The Advantages of Aluminium Oxide in Column Chromatography

Alkaline environment: The pH of Aluminium oxide basic is slightly alkaline. This facilitates the separation between basic compounds.

Purity: The absence of CI guarantees that separation processes are free from chemical interference.

Diverse applications: Due to its adaptability, is useful in a wide range of industries.

Grade and pH: This variant is classified as Aluminum Oxide Base, which thrives in an alkaline environment. Its 5% aqueous 5% solution has a pH of around 9.5, which is ideal for certain chromatographic procedures.

Specific Area: The remarkable specific area of 150 +- 10%m2/g allows for profound interactions with the analytes and optimizes separation efficiency.

Brockman activity The Brockman Activity levels I-II are assigned to highlight its ability to accommodate compounds with a range of polarities.

Pore characteristics: Aluminium Oxide Basic has a large adsorption capability. Its pore size is 60 angstroms and its pore volume is 0.25 ml/g.

Chemical Impurities: Its CI (cationic Exchange Capacity) is zero, ensuring minimal interference during chromatographic separations and uncompromised purity.

Trace Elements Content: Trace elements of Fe2O3 range from 0.01% - 0.03%, and Na2O from 0.25 - 0.4%. This further highlights its suitability for complex separation processes.

Bulk density: The material has a bulk density of around 920g/l. This makes it a very stable component within the chromatography column.


Aluminium Oxide Basic is a cornerstone for effective column chromatography due to its technical specifications and versatility. Our Aluminium Oxide Basic can be incorporated into your chromatography methods to unlock new possibilities in separation science. Aluminium Oxide Basic's alkaline properties, combined with its exceptional purity, make it a reliable partner for accurate and efficient separations. Visit our inquiry page to place an order.