Aluminium Oxide Neutral

Aluminium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide Neutral

Aluminium oxide is neutral and versatile. Its unique properties make it possible to separate a wide range of compounds. Aluminium oxide has many uses and is compatible with sensitive molecules. It is still a vital component of scientific research.

Our Aluminum Oxide Neutral has become a popular stationary phase in column chromatography. Adsorbents are versatile and can be applied to a wide range of applications.It is particularly useful for separating compounds from other stationary phases that are hard to separate. It can be used for a variety of applications, including the separation of synthetics, pharmaceuticals, and natural products. Its versatility and effectiveness makes it a popular choice among researchers in many fields.

Aluminum Oxide Neutral is ideal for column chromatography which requires accuracy and efficiency. Due to its excellent pH stability, Aluminum Oxide Neutral is a great choice for column Chromatography.

Grade Aluminum Oxide Neutral
pH-(5% aqueous Soln.) 7.0 ± 0.5
Specific Surface [m2/g] 150 ± 10%
Brockman Activity I-II
Mean Pore Diameter [A] 60
Pore Volume [ml/g] ~0.25
CI [mval/g] 0.03
Fe2O3[%] 0.01-0.03
Na2O [%] 0.25-0.4
Bulk Density [g/l] ~920

Why Choose Our Aluminium Oxide Neutral?

Column Chromatography places a high value on innovation and quality to ensure our products meet your expectations.

  • Neutral: When diluted to 5%, our Aluminum Oxide neutral has a pH of 7.0 +/ 0.5. This pH balance provides reliable separation, and consistency and makes this a valuable tool in chromatography.
  • Surface Area: Our Aluminium Oxide neutral has a surface of 150 +/-10% m2/g. This allows for optimal interaction between the samples, and the stationary phase. The separation is improved and the results are cleaner.
  • Brockman's Activity I-II is a testament to the care and engineering that went into every product. This activity level provides optimal selectivity and retention, allowing you to achieve desired separations with confidence.
  • Pore perfection: Our Aluminum Oxide Neutral has a mean pore diameter of 60 A and a pore volume of 0.25 ml/g, allowing for efficient and controlled sampling.
  • Unparalleled experience: Over 25 years of experience have allowed us to develop a thorough understanding of the chromatography needs of our customers, resulting in products that are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Aluminum Oxide Neutral is guaranteed to be pure. It contains extremely low levels of Fe2O3 (0.01% to 0.03%), and Na2O (0.25% to 0.4%). This guarantees minimal interference and purity in your analysis.
  • Bulk efficiency: With a bulk density (weight) of 920g/l, the product ensures unmatched column packing. This eliminates the chance of channeling and ensures consistent results.

Applications of Column Chromatography

Our Aluminium Oxide Neutral is used in a variety of chromatographic situations due to its unique properties.

  • Purification of Organic Compounds: Due to its neutrality and large specific surface area, it is ideal for the purification of organic compounds that have varying polarities.
  • Natural Product Isolation - The wide range of activity and diverse pore structure allows for the effective separation of natural products in complex mixtures.
  • It excels at the separation of polar compounds due to its optimized pore size and surface characteristics. This contributes to a precise analysis.

Aluminum oxide is neutral, as opposed to acidic or basic stationary phases. It is therefore a good choice for compounds sensitive to pH variations. This neutrality ensures accuracy separation and minimizes unwanted interaction.

Discover the difference Aluminium Oxide Neutral makes in your chromatographic separators. Our product is adaptable, so you can use it with pharmaceuticals or petrochemicals. You'll feel the power of accuracy and efficiency with every separation. To place an order, visit our inquiry page.