Best Grade Chromatography Media Adsorbents

  • Date:Friday, Jun 26, 2020
Best Grade Chromatography Media Adsorbents

Wherever a mixture of compounds is involved, Chromatography emerges as the most widely used method of separation which involves the use of chromatographic adsorbents as a stationary phase through which the mobile phase is run to cause the separation of the compounds present in the mixture. In all types of chromatographic techniques, what remains of prominent importance to carry out the process successfully and to obtain desired results is the selection of adsorbent “the stationary phase”. The most common adsorbents used in chromatography are Alumina (Al2O3) and Silica gel (SiO2), they also happen to be the widely used adsorbents as they work well across a wide range of compounds.

The stationary phase is generally referred to as chromatographic media in modern chromatographic separations. It is either packed in a chromatography column or added to the separation apparatus. The media is always chosen depending on the type of molecule that is to be separated.

Silica gel as an adsorbent showcases an excellent affinity for water, hence it can be used for carrying out the isolation and purification of a variety of molecules. Silica gel also comes with high adsorbing capacity making it a good choice for plenty of industries. Swambe Chemicals manufactures premium quality silica gel that offers the lowest moisture content, the tightest particle size distribution, and minimal presence of impurities.

Another major feature of silica gel that should be considered before choosing it for chromatographic purifications is its mesh size. Swambe Chemicals supplies silica gel ranging from mesh sizes 35 to 800. The choice of mesh size differs on various parameters such as the complexity of the mixture of compounds, the amount of water present in it, and the chemical nature of the compound in question. Generally, an adsorbent with a higher mesh size is used for those chromatographic methods in which the solvent uses positive air pressure to run through the column and a smaller mesh size is used for those, where the solvent runs down the column on its own due to gravity. These are the features that signify the quality of silica gel and assure one of the desired results including reproducibility.

Aluminium oxide as an adsorbent provides reproducible results hence they are widely used for carrying out the separation and purification of dyes, organic solvents, alkaloids, steroids, lipids, amino acids, hormones, and vitamins.

Swambe Chemicals manufactures a range of tailor-made chromatographic products to address the needs of different industries. It manufactures Silica Gel for column chromatography, Silica Gel Powder for column chromatography, and Aluminium Oxide for column chromatography. Since chromatographic purifications have gained much importance owing to its accurate results, column chromatography has become the first choice for industries like Life Sciences, API Production plants, Herbal Extraction plants, Dyes Manufacturing plants, DNA fingerprinting, Nutraceuticals, and Plant-based Nutraceuticals. Swambe Chemicals is the chromatographic adsorbent supplier and manufacturer of variants of chromatographic adsorbents such as Silica gel and Alumina to address the needs of various industries.