Silica Gel 100 - 200 Mesh

Silica Gel for Column Chromatography

Silica Gel 100 - 200 Mesh

Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh takes center stage, offering a mesh size that's synonymous with exceptional results. This grade of silica gel is tailor-made for those who demand nothing short of perfection in their chromatographic processes. Let's delve into the intricacies of this mesh size and uncover how it's rewriting the rules of chromatographic excellence. Crafted to meet the exacting demands of researchers, this grade delivers outcomes that align perfectly with your scientific goals. Whether you're working on complex separations or seeking to elevate the efficacy of your chromatographic processes, this mesh size stands ready to deliver exceptional results.

The capabilities of Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh extend seamlessly to the realm of gravitational chromatography. Its particle size is a symphony of balance, allowing the solvent to flow seamlessly without the need for external pressure. This design philosophy ensures that your chromatographic processes remain unburdened by operational complexities, paving the way for precision-driven outcomes.

Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh takes center stage when dealing with compounds that exhibit ease of separation. Its meticulous composition and specifications make it the preferred choice for scenarios where clean and precise separations are essential. The combination of particle size and flow dynamics ensures that your chromatographic endeavors yield results that meet the highest standards of scientific scrutiny.

Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh Specifications

Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh isn't just about precision; it's about specifications that redefine excellence. Here's a snapshot of what sets this mesh size apart:

Related Categories Flash Chromatography, TLC
Grade Laboratory Grade
Particle Size 100-200 Mesh (149-74μm)
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Melting Point > 1600 0C/td>
Bulk Density KG/LIT 400-650
Ph 10% aq solution 7 ± 0.5
Fe (Iron) <75 ppm
Chloride(NaCl) Max 300ppm
Pore Diameter –A 40-60A
Surface Area m2/gm 350-550
Moisture Content % <6.00

Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh stands at the crossroads of precision and perfection. Its ability to deliver exceptional results, coupled with meticulous specifications, makes it an essential asset for researchers seeking to elevate their chromatographic processes. Embrace the future of chromatography with Silica Gel 100-200 Mesh and witness the transformation of scientific exploration.