Silica Gel G

Silica Gel TLC Plates

Silica Gel G

This grade of Silica Gel is suitable for making TLC plates. It allows you to prepare your own customized TLC plates, on Glass, Plastic or Aluminium sheets, with your desired thickness. A binder Gypsum (G) is added to this grade of Silica Gel which helps the Silica Gel to settle on the TLC sheet firmly. This grade also assures to give a better Rf value for the compounds which get separated. Making it easy to distinguish between very closely related compounds.

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Product Name Silica Gel G TLC
Grade Thin Layer Chromatography
Quality With ~13% Calcium Sulfate
Contains CaSO4 as binder with Fluorescent
Formula SiO2
Pore Size 0.7-085 cm3/g Pore Volume
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Melting Point >1600 0C
Molecular Weight 60.08
Assay Min 98-99%
Melting Point 1730 Degree Celsius
Physical Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Odor None
pH Value 7 ± 0.5
Bulk Density 0.4 – 0.60 gm/ml
Binder Content 13% ± 1
Chlorides 0.02%
Loos of Drying <6.00%
Surface Area m2/gm 300 – 500

Application of Silica Gel G to Thin Layer Chromatography

Silica Gel G is used in Thin-Layer Chromatography by: Customized TLC Plates: By providing customized plates made out of Silica gel G, individual separation requirements can be met efficiently and precisely.

Enhance Separation: Gypsum binder adds stability and improves Rf values, which enables better differentiation between closely related compounds. Material Compatibility - Silica Gel G is compatible with various substrates. Chromatographic Advantages of Silica Gel G

Customization: Silica gel G allows chromatographers to create customized TLC plates for specific applications. Gypsum adds separation while material versatility enhances this solution's versatility.

Silica Gel G is an adaptable tool with versatile customization options and tailored properties, perfect for creating Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) plates. Thanks to its distinct composition and separation abilities as well as compatibility with various materials, Silica Gel G offers great control and precision when controlling separation processes. Silica Gel G elevates TLC efforts as its elevated properties lead to precise results - for more information visit our inquiry page and place an order today!