Silica Gel GF245

Silica Gel TLC Plates

Silica Gel GF245

Silica Gel GF254 is your definitive choice for Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) of unparalleled quality. This exceptional product is not just a separator; it's an artist's palette, empowering you to create customized TLC plates with a touch of fluorescence. Silica Gel GF254 stands as a beacon of innovation in Thin Layer Chromatography, boasting a range of attributes that redefine separation science.

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Product Name Silica Gel GF 254 TLC
Grade Thin Layer Chromatography (High Purity Grade)
Contains CaSO4 as binder with Fluorescent
Formula SiO2
Pore Size 0.7-085 cm3/g Pore Volume
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Melting Point 1730 Degree Celsius
Molecular Weight 60.08
Assay Min 98-99%
Physical Appearance Free Flowing Powder
Odor None
pH Value 7 ± 0.5
Bulk Density 0.4 – 0.60 gm/ml
Binder Content 13% ± 1
Chlorides 0.02%
Loos of Drying <6.00%
Surface Area m2/gm 300-500

Applications of Silica Gel GF254 in Thin Layer Chromatography

Customized Chromatographic Artistry: Silica Gel GF254 empowers chromatographers to design personalized TLC plates, crafting individualized separation scenarios.

Enhanced Visualization: The incorporation of Fluorescent Factor F254 introduces a layer of visualization, making it easier to distinguish separated compounds.

Advantages of Silica Gel GF254 in Chromatography

Visual Precision: Silica Gel GF254 offers the power of visualization, aiding in precise compound differentiation.

Tailored Creativity: The Fluorescent Factor F254 opens doors to artistic chromatography, enhancing the visualization and distinction of separated compounds.

At Column Chromatography, we are committed to revolutionizing chromatography, and Silica Gel GF254 stands as a testament to this commitment. As you embark on a journey of unparalleled separation precision, embrace the artistry and innovation that Silica Gel GF254 brings to Thin Layer Chromatography. Experience chromatography elevated to an artistic level, where visualization meets separation science in perfect harmony, for more information visit our inquiry page and place an order today!