Silica Gel 200 - 400 Mesh

Silica Gel for Column Chromatography

Silica Gel 200 - 400 Mesh

Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh. Designed to cater to high-resolution chromatography, this mesh size brings together the power of fine particles and intricate sample interactions. Say goodbye to compromise and welcome peak separation perfection into your analytical journey. Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh is a fine particle of this grade that establishes a strong foundation for exceptional sample interactions. With every analysis, you're delving into a realm of precision where peak resolution becomes more than just a goal—it's a reality. Don't settle for less; choose a medium that's engineered for excellence.

Purity isn't just a concept; it's the driving force behind chromatography success. Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh knows this well. Its diminutive particle size acts as a precision tool, paving the path for high-resolution separations. As you explore complex mixtures, the increased surface area acts as a catalyst for intricate interactions. This is chromatography at its purest, most refined form.

Technical Marvel:

Related Categories Flash Chromatography, TLC
Grade Laboratory Grade
Particle Size 200-400 Mesh (74-37μm)
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Melting Point >1600 0C
Bulk Density KG/LIT 400-650
Ph 10% aq solution 7 ± 0.5
Fe (Iron) <75 ppm
Chloride(NaCl) Max 300ppm
Pore Diameter –A 40-60A
Surface Area m2/gm 350-550
Moisture Content % <6.00

Applications Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh

Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh takes your separations and demands meticulous attention, intricate interactions, and impeccable peak resolution, this grade is your ultimate choice. It caters to:

Pharmaceutical Analysis: Delve into compound purity and potency for pharmaceutical excellence.

Food and Beverage Testing: Achieve meticulous analysis of complex mixtures to ensure product quality.

Environmental Monitoring: Detect trace components with surgical precision for accurate results.

Scientific Research: Facilitate discoveries by revealing compound nuances with clarity.

Silica Gel 200-400 Mesh is your partner in achieving chromatography perfection. Whether you're a researcher seeking breakthrough insights or an industrial professional demanding quality assurance, this grade empowers you. Step into the realm of high-resolution separations and uncompromised peak interactions. Reach out to us at to place your order or inquire further