Silica Gel TLC Plates

Silica Gel TLC Plates

Thin-layer chromatography is performed on a sheet or plate (about 0.25mm thick) of glass, aluminium foil or plastic coated with a thin layer of solid ADSORBENT material. The adsorbent material is usually silica gel 400-800 mesh size with or without a binder. Silica gel with a binder is known as Silica Gel G TLC grade as it contains Gypsum as a binder, which will allow the silica to adhere to the plates, for non-coloured compound fluorescence is added for easy analysis of the compound under the ultraviolet chamber, silica-containing binder and fluorescence is known as silica gel GF254. The silica gel without binder is known is Silica Gel H TLC Grade. The silica gel H grade containing fluorescence activity is known as Silica Gel HF254.

High-quality alumina oxide for column chromatography is being used in the laboratory and industrial production For Preparative Column Chromatographic Separations, Isolation & Purifications of Antibiotics. Aluminium oxide has acidic, basic, and neutral grades.

The TLC method is developed to see the progress in the reactions between compounds to the adsorbent, mixture, and solvents. These reactions help to identify the elements present in a mixture of compounds with a purity percentage. TLC is a part of organic chemicals that separate and identify different compounds.

This grade of Silica Gel is suitable for making TLC plates. It allows you to prepare your own customized TLC plates, on Glass, Plastic or Aluminium sheets, with your desired thickness. A binder Gypsum (G) is added to this Silica Gel grade, which helps the Silica Gel to settle on the TLC sheet firmly. This grade also assures a better Rf value for the separated compounds. It is easy to distinguish between very closely related compounds.

Parameters Silica Gel Chromatography Grades
Grades Silica Gel H Silica Gel G Silica Gel GF254 Silica Gel HF254
Assay (as SIO2 ) 98-99% 98-99% 98-99% 98-99%
Ph 7+-0.5 7+-0.5 7+-0.5 7+-0.5
Bulk Density (g/ml) 0.45-0.60 0.45-0.60 0.45-0.60 0.45-0.60
Loss of Drying % <6 <6 <6 <6
Adsorption Capacity at 100% Humidity 30-35 30-35 30-35 30-35
Friability 99.95 99.95 99.95 99.95
Chloride (NaCl) 0.02% 0.02% 0.02% 0.02%
Sulfates (Na2 SO4) 0.02% 0.02% 0.02% 0.02%
Binder as CaSo4 NIL 13%+1 13%+1 NIL
Particle Size 300-400 -350 -350 -350


TLC Plates

Thin-layer chromatography, or TLC, is a methodology for analysing mixtures by separating the compounds within the mixture. TLC helps to determine the number of components in a mixture and verify elements of compounds and the purity of a compound.

One of the foremost necessary applications of TLC is to separate the multicomponent pharmaceutical formulations. This method is used in the food and cosmetic industry for separating and identifying colours, preservatives, sweetening agents, and numerous cosmetic products.

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