Silica Gel 60 - 120 Mesh

Silica Gel for Column Chromatography

Silica Gel 60 - 120 Mesh

Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh emerges as a fine alternative within the mid-range, offering a harmonious blend of efficiency and flow dynamics. This exceptional grade of silica gel caters to the meticulous needs of researchers and scientists, enabling efficient separation while maintaining optimal flow characteristics. Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh occupies a unique position within the chromatographic landscape. It bridges the gap between finer and coarser mesh sizes, delivering results that resonate with precision and efficiency. Researchers seeking a balance between meticulous separation and favorable flow dynamics find their answer in this mesh size.

The capabilities of Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh extend seamlessly to the realm of gravitational chromatography. Its particle size aligns harmoniously with this technique, making it the ideal choice for separations without the need for external pressure. This mesh size empowers you to focus on your scientific pursuits while the chromatographic process seamlessly unfolds.

Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh holds a special place for those dealing with simpler compound mixtures. Its design and specifications are tailored to deliver optimal outcomes in scenarios where precision and purity are of paramount importance. Whether you're purifying or separating, this grade caters to your needs with unmatched simplicity.

Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh Specifications

Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh isn't just about versatility; it's about specifications that define its excellence. Here's a glimpse into what makes this mesh size a frontrunner in mid-range chromatographic separation:

Related Categories Flash Chromatography, TLC
Grade Laboratory Grade
Particle Size 60-120 Mesh (250-125μm)
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Melting Point >1600 0C
Bulk Density KG/LIT 500-650
Ph 10% aq solution 7 ± 0.5
Fe (Iron): <75 ppm
Chloride(NaCl) Max 300ppm
Pore Diameter –A 40-60A
Surface Area m2/gm 350-450
Moisture Content % <6.00

Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh emerges as a beacon of precision and efficiency. Its ability to navigate the mid-range with finesse, coupled with impeccable specifications, makes it an indispensable asset for researchers and scientists. Embrace the future of chromatography with Silica Gel 60-120 Mesh and elevate your scientific endeavors to new heights.