Silica Gel 60 - 200 Mesh

Silica Gel for Column Chromatography

Silica Gel 60 - 200 Mesh

Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh takes center stage, offering a mesh size that perfectly balances between the fine and the coarse. This exceptional grade of silica gel has been meticulously crafted to cater to a diverse array of chromatographic separations. Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh encapsulates the essence of versatility. Its unique mesh size finds application in a wide spectrum of chromatographic separations, making it a preferred choice for researchers and scientists seeking consistent and reliable outcomes. Whether you're working on complex isolations or simpler separations, this mesh size has you covered.

The capabilities of Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh extend to the realm of gravitational chromatography. Its larger particle size aligns perfectly with this technique, enabling separations without the need for external pressure. This means that your chromatographic processes become smoother, simpler, and more efficient, allowing you to focus on the science rather than the intricacies of operation.

One of the standout features of Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh is its finer particle composition when compared to its 60-120 mesh counterpart. This translates to better purity outcomes and offers a slower, controlled flow rate. Such precision ensures that your separations are not just accurate but also yield the highest levels of purity, setting new standards in chromatographic excellence.

Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh Specifications

Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh isn't just about performance; it's also about specifications that define its prowess. Here's a glimpse into what makes this mesh size exceptional:

Related Categories Flash Chromatography, TLC
Grade Laboratory Grade
Particle Size 60-200 Mesh (250-74μm)
Boiling Point 2230 0C
Melting Point > 1600 0C
Bulk Density KG/LIT 545-620
Ph 10% aq solution 7 ± 0.5
Fe (Iron): < 75 ppm
Chloride(NaCl) Max 300ppm
Pore Diameter –A 40-60A
Surface Area m2/gm 350-450
Moisture Content % < 5.00

In the intricate dance of chromatographic separations, Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh emerges as a harmonious partner, striking the perfect balance between the fine and the coarse. Its versatility, coupled with impeccable specifications, positions it as a cornerstone of chromatography. Step into a world where precision meets practicality, and embrace the transformative power of Silica Gel 60-200 Mesh.