Silica Gel Powder

Silica Gel Powder

Silica Gel and Alumina are commonly used for Column Chromatography. Silica Gel in the form of powder is the most common stationary phase for chromatographic separations. Silica gel powder is available in different mesh sizes that can be from 35 to 800.

  • The Silica Gel in a variety of particle sizes is used as per the application requirement.
  • Such a sensitive product is manufactured with the highest quality standards to get highly efficient results.
  • In column chromatography, the mixture is loaded into a column filled with silica gel in powdered form, and eluting is performed by passing the mixture of solvents through the column. It results in finding the individual substances which are collected as the adsorbed substances. This way, the desired compound or component is obtained.
  • It offers high flow rates and a high ability to adsorb or separate the desired compounds from the mixture.
  • Silica Gel in powdered form is used in an array of grades of the column in chromatography techniques.

Features & Benefits of Silica Gel in Chromatography

Excellent ability to separate the complex mixtures
Strong affinity for water
Low operating pressure
Batch to batch reproducible results
High adsorption capacity
Low cost for instrumentation

Swambe Chemicals deals with manufacturing silica gel powder as an effective adsorbent for chromatographic separation of the complex mixture. We offer high- quality products to bring best possible separation outcome. We are fully assured for the quality of silica gel which is used as a chromatographic material for the variety of applications such as research laboratories, organic synthesis labs, etc..