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Leading Chromatography Adsorbents Manufacturer and Supplier in India

We at column chromatography have a specialized tie up with “Swambe Chemicals” which is one of the top manufacturers & suppliers and exporters of Silica Gel and Aluminium Oxide (Alumina), TLC plate Chromatography Adsorbents.

Our journey began with a vision conceived by Mr. R. D. Vachhani in 1973, as he recognized the surging demand for industry-grade adsorbents and desiccants. This led to the inception of Swambe Chemicals, a company committed to delivering excellence in chromatography materials. Guided by this pursuit of excellence, in 1993, Mr. Rajesh Galgalikar, a expert chromatographer, joined as our esteemed Technical Head. His expertise propelled the expansion of Swambe Chemicals' Silica Gel, aluminum oxide, and TLC plate applications into the realm of Chromatography.

Swambe, with its affiliated manufacturer, has succeeded in manufacturing Silica Gel, Aluminium Oxide (Alumina), and TLC plates for Chromatography. It has stood unique in the growing market by producing high-quality, low cost and tailor-made (Customized product) Silica Gel and Aluminium Oxide (Alumina) to match the needs of every customer. Swambe’s strong team guides you to look into the best of the industry, Silica Gel, for all chromatographic applications.

Providing Chromatography Adsorbents For More Than the Last 40 Years

Our exceptional team will guide you through an unparalleled chromatography experience, introducing you to the industry's finest Silica Gel and Aluminium Oxide (Alumina), options. Whether you're delving into analytical or preparative chromatography, our offerings are engineered to elevate your chromatographic endeavors.

We are striving to offer our fellow chemists the high-quality products that provide better research results at lower costs. We are providing Silica Gel, Aluminium Oxide (Alumina), and TLC plates for Column Chromatography to the following industries as

Many University Labs
Pharmaceutical Units
Contract Research
R & D & Organic Synthesis

Join us at Column Chromatography and discover the perfect synergy between science and substance. Experience the power of Silica Gel in its purest form, meticulously designed for all your chromatographic applications.